Anne Keith

Sara says, "A recent transplant to Nebraska, Anne is one of the famed DC Girls crew. Though beginning our friendship at Saint Mary's and continuing it while Anne lived in Vegas after college, it wasn't until a year later over beers at an Irish pub in Virginia that the friendship really took off. Anne has been my companion on many a football Saturday, travel adventure, and many a Salsa bar or pub."

Andrea Orthman

Sara says, "Though I've known of Andrea for since she was a wee 6th, it wasn't until we shared 869 square feet in an apartment for three years where we became really good friends, and she became a key addition to the DC Girls as well. Andrea and I rarely miss the chance for absurd antics, a deep conversation, an unannounced happy hour or unexpected shopping trips where I am advised on the few pieces that 'even I have to have in my closet'"

Jessica Rice Healey

Sara says, "Another member of the DC Girls, Jess is the first friend I had solely from my DC connections and my first friend from New England. After meeting while we both were spending a semester at American University in college, we've remained great friends ever since. Jess has been my roommate and travel companion in such far flung destinations as the mountains of Ecuador and on a cruise ship in the midst of the Caribbean. I credit Jess with pushing me to try new things: like skiing, a hike in Ecuador and new recipes, including risotto which I am still figuring out! I also credit Jess with my adoration of sparkling wine."

Kim Gray

Sara says, "Kim shares the dubious distinction with Andrea as the only other person besides Josh to be my roommate for any period of time and live to tell the tale! Kim and I went to the same pre-school, the same kindergarten and were reunited in high school where our friendship began in 11th grade honors English Class where Kim first began editing my papers, which continued through college at Saint Mary's. Some of my favorite moments with Kim include gazing out at the ocean in Amalfi, Italy, playing cops and robbers in the halls of Holy Cross Hall and spending time with Kim and her darling little girl Abby in Virginia."

Leigh Tivol

Josh says, "Leigh complains that I still introduce her as a former girlfriend, since, as she correctly points out, we only dated for a couple of months back in 1990, whereas we've been friends for over fifteen years. Of course, you all know that complaints such as this only egg me on. When I met Leigh, she was dressed as a nun and dating a sandwich (we were both working on a production of "Sound of Music" and her boyfriend at the time was named Ruben). I tease Leigh that she's stalked me (she considered transferring to Williams during a rough patch during her freshman year at Brown, did my same junior year abroad program a year after me, works in community economic development, and recently got her MPA). But turnabout is fair play--she has lived in Indiana for years (her husband has family there), but will soon move back to DC, while I am just beginning to discover Indiana's many wonders, and to make family ties there. Passing the Hoosier torch, so to speak."

Norm Elrod

Josh says, "Norm has known me the longest--since about 1986. We attended Lee Junior High and Kennedy High School together. I taught him everything I knew (at the time) about calculus, which is why he did so well in math in high school, got into college, and recently got his MBA. In exchange, he taught me everything he knew about dating and "the ladies" which is took me until now to finally get engaged! Norm and I have also played so many games of pool that the number cannot be measured by science--all the while discussing topics as wide-ranging as the Washington Redskins and affirmative action."

John Harrington

Josh says, "John is a fellow Marylander. We met while practicing the state's official sport, jousting (this is half true--jousting really is the state sport). We actually met at Williams College (sports team: The Ephs, mascot: the purple cow), living against our will in the only all-male dorm on campus. If for no other reason, I must be eternally grateful to John...for introducing me to the Berger's cookie, official wedding favor of the Pluta/Gibson wedding."

Eric Meyer

Josh says, "Eric is the closest thing I ever had to a roommate in my life, prior to Sara. He and I shared a two-bedroom, one-bath suite in our host family's house in Paris during our junior year abroad. This was an early James Carville/Mary Matalin moment--the year was 1992, Eric was supporting George H.W. Bush (with whom he had just completed a White House internship), and I was supporting Bill Clinton (with whom, unbeknownst to me at the time, I would complete a White House internship the following Monica jokes, please...). Despite our political differences (I think the past 13 years have taught him the wisdom of my ways...), we were fast friends, soaking up CNN International, the International Herald Tribune, and any ice cream within arm's reach. Our favorite Spanish words: el grippe and la peseta."

Naheed Nenshi

Josh says, "Naheed is a rara avis, which fellow Latin scholar Norm could tell you means not "enthusiastic rental car" but "rare bird" or "one of a kind." Naheed's family is from Calgary, Canada via Toronto via Tanzania via India (I hope I got that right...). We were classmates at the Kennedy School, and quickly came to share common passions--marshmallow fluff, leaf-peeping trips, student government, and the school paper (I believe it was while working for the paper we figured out that Spellcheck's suggested replacement for "Naheed Nenshi" was "naked nancy")."

David Pluta

Sara says, "David is my "little" brother who towers over me. He is definitely the Pluta you want to be stranded on an Island with because he is so handy and talented he can fix or build anything, but you wouldn't miss a chance to invite him to a party either: he's a dancer (yes, even the polka) and can talk to anyone. He considers himself the Unofficial Mayor of Chesterton and is a MOPAR fanatic - with the wheels to back it up. "

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