Sara and Josh

Josh was born in Springfield, Massachusetts and moved to Wheaton, Maryland with his parents at age 5. Since then, the DC metro area has been home, with small jaunts to Paris and New England interspersed for school and adventure. He spent 4 years at Williams College studying Political Science and French Studies and went onto Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government to get a public policy masters degree. He also spent three years living in Paris where he discovered a real love for all things French and set the stage for his proposal to Sara. Upon returning back from France the last time, Josh settled in Washington, DC and more specifically, Adams Morgan, where he has been active in community politics and projects ever since. Josh currently serves as the Executive Director of the Adams Morgan Partnership, a business improvement district for the neighborhood where Josh and Sara live.

Sara is a proud Hoosier, who left Indiana after graduating from Saint Mary’s College with a degree in Political Science and Communications. She first fell in love with Washington DC while doing a semester at Washington’s American University. While wearing many different hats during her time in DC—ranging from corporate strategy researcher to full-time volunteer & social worker with the Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corp—she currently works as the director of development at The Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts. After calling Arlington, Virginia home for over 5 years, Sara recently moved to Adams Morgan where she also works in and for “the neighborhood”. While Josh keeps up Franco-American relations for the couple, Sara’s travel passion is Latin America and has finally convinced Josh that not all vacations need to be to Paris.

Contact Information

1791 Lanier Place NW #42
Washington DC 20009


Cell phone: 202.486.5744


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